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Self Code Guidance is a good place to start exploration of this website/vault.

Self Code Guidance

We all navigate through life guided by a framework of rules, principles, or personal codes. Ray Dalio delves into this subject in his book Principles (by Ray Dalio).

These guiding principles, whether explicitly stated or operating in the background, play a pivotal role in shaping our lives. It's therefore beneficial to make them explicit and actively steer your own course.

A good point to start Dont worry/Anti Worry Mindset, and more specifically, the concept of Do: Laser Focus on What You Control (AntiWorry).

High-level principles are often grouped into categories like [DO, DONT, Avoid, Highly Avoid].

There are also specialized guidelines, known as Self Code Areas, which are applicable to particular life scenarios rather than being universally relevant.

Thoughts -> Destiny

“Watch your thoughts; They become your words.

Watch your words; They become your actions.

Watch your actions; They become your habits.

Watch your habits; They become your character.

Watch your character; It becomes your destiny.” - Lao-Tzu

graph LR A(Thoughts) -->|Become| B(Words) B -->|Become| C(Actions) C -->|Become| D(Habits) D -->|Become| E(Character) E -->|Become| F(Destiny)

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