You attract, that towards which you act.


Don't just act. Act decisively towards Clear Goals. People can sense hesitation, what you lack can often be made up in boldness.

Act decisively. Especially act decisively when it comes to Asymmetric Risk Reward Situations.

Two Way Door Decisions should often bias us for action as well.

However, also remember to not rush, and remember that to become really successful you have to say no a lot.

“Watch your thoughts; They become your words.

Watch your words; They become your actions.

Watch your actions; They become your habits.

Watch your habits; They become your character.

Watch your character; It becomes your destiny.” - Lao-Tzu

graph LR A(Thoughts) -->|Become| B(Words) B -->|Become| C(Actions) C -->|Become| D(Habits) D -->|Become| E(Character) E -->|Become| F(Destiny)

With great actions come great habits, Remember your actions become your habits. Hence Make the Right Thing Automatic.


Law of Action

Once decision is made: DOubt without Doubt.


  1. Eliminate