Cyclic Sighing

A recent Stanford University study has revealed that breath work wins for the fastest means to calm the body and mind. While meditation is a wonderfully supportive resource (and if you do it, keep at it!), many find it challenging to sit with their thoughts and often feel more anxious because of it. Shelly Boggs (Life Force Coach)

The study highlighted “Cyclic Sighing” as the most effective method. How to:

  • Inhale slowly through the nose (belly-breathing), and then take another shorter breath to fully inflate the lungs.
  • Then exhale from the mouth for as long as possible, ideally doubling the length of the out breath.
  • Repeat for 1-5 minutes.

This same method has been mentioned by Andrew-Huberman. However, take note there is a video that uses Andrew-Huberman branding on youtube on cyclic sighing, The guy took 1 cycle of breath from the podcast and expanded it into long form. The Breath time in the video is too fast. (video NOT to follow).