Information Must BE Actionable


Most important part of Tim Ferris's IRA filter is the actionable filter. If the information is not actionable then avoid the consumption of it.

If you are talking to someone and you are interested in receiving the emotions they are giving you, then don't interrupt them. Or you have some other goal in mind that warrants listening to interlocutor then continue.

However, its unproductive to seek out information such as world daily news for the sake of being "Informed". That's just stealing time from learning something that can actually move you forward in life.

Note, it's ok to educate yourself cursorily to not appear ignorant for topics deemed central to society (by gaining very cursory knowledge quickly and stopping consumption). Such cursory knowledge of the world does not require to be up to date with even monthly news.

Personally, I keep up with tech news by means of reading TLDR newsletter. Which takes a couple minutes a day for the sake of interest of what new innovations are happening, and at times seeing potential new tools to use (turning consumption into action).