• Half life: 2-4 hours.
  • After 12 hours ~95% of ingredients are out.


Ashwagandha intake was associated with an 18% greater increase in DHEA-S (p = .005) and 14.7% greater increase in testosterone (p = .010) compared to the placebo Ashwagandha in Aging, Overweight Males (

Testosterone may be increased in infertile men (who have a reduction in testosterone) and men undergoing strength training, but there is currently no evidence to suggest an inherent testosterone boosting effect in otherwise normal men. -

When to take it

Best time is unknown at this time.

How to take it

Best to take it every 12 hours.

  • Morning & Evening.

How long to take it?

Supposedly Looses it effectiveness if you take it indefinitely.

Macro cycle:

  • 2-3 months every month.
  • 1-2 months abstain

Micro cycle

  • 1-5 days
  • half to equal of not taking it
  • Example 3 days on, 1-3 dont take it.
  • 4 days on 3 days off.