Lavender oil extract that has shown to effective at decreasing anxiety in a clinical study.

Study on Silexan vs lorazepam

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Silexan is extract from lavender.

This study is very interesting as it shows comparable anxiety reducing results from Silexan (lavendar extract) and Benzodiazepine/Lorazepam (aka Ativan) (Benzodiazepine same class as Xanax). A low dose of lorazepam was used. But nonetheless the results are quite interesting.

In GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) silexan and Benzodiazepine/Lorazepam (aka Ativan) showed comparable HAMA total score reductions.

However, a thing to note that the dosage of lorazepam used in the study is much lower than what would be typically prescribed for someone with anxiety disorder. A typical prescription of Benzodiazepine/Lorazepam (aka Ativan) is 2-6mg per day. While the study used 0.5mg of lorazepam. Nonetheless its an interesting piece of information to Silexan perform at the level of mini dose of Benzodiazepine.

Dosages in the Study:

  • 0.5 mg lorazepam once a day
  • 80 mg Silexan once a day

Safety Question around essential oils

Safety Question around Essential oils

There have been mentions that Chemicals in lavender and tea tree oil appear to be hormone disruptors suspecting a link between abnormal breast growth in young boys—called prepubertal gynecomastia.

However, this other study states that there is not enough evidence of this sort of link.

Reporting of inclusion, demographic data, clinical data, and the potential for causality was found to be insufficient. This study did not find evidence to support the claim that tea tree essential oil is related to endocrine disruption in children, and little to no evidence to substantiate the proposed link between lavender essential oil and endocrine disruption in children. - [pubmed](